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We focus on evolving curriculum, instructional practices, and assessments to meet the changing needs of contemporary students.











Tomorrow’s Education Network provides professional development in instructional technology to school organizations and communities with a focus on evolving curriculum, instructional practices, and assessments to meet the changing needs of contemporary students. Our services are delivered through a series of one-on-one consulting with administrators and step-by-step curriculum innovation coaching with teachers and instructional designers.

We assist school leaders with the development of custom training programs that meet organizational goals for administrators and educational requirements for students. Our delivery methods vary and may include: onsite visits, webinar sessions, and conference calls.

Webinar sessions can be on any topic offered. Webinar experiences include a permanent recording of the session that can be replayed. There are two types of sessions. 1) Large group session means that the participants can type in questions and communicate through limited interaction tools. 2) Individual / Small group session or many people in one location means that the participants can broadcast their voices/images and speak openly with the presenter. Webinars are ideal as follow up sessions to keynotes, presentations, or workshops. They provide a permanent product that can be used for turnkey purposes by schools. Consider interviews with presenters, Q & A sessions, or feedback sessions as additional options.

Professional Development Opportunities Include:

  • Keynote, General and Breakout Sessions

  • Strategic Planning for Your Mapping Success

  • Development of Selected Teams

  • Trainings and Workshops for Teachers

  • Trainings and Workshops for Administrators and Leaders

  • Overview Sessions and Workshops for School Boards and Parent Groups

Sample Topics Include:

  • Curriculum Design: The relationship between standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment

  • Unpacking Standards for Unit Mapping

  • Understanding the History of and Unpacking and background to the Common Core Learning Standard

  • Introduction to Standards Based Grading

  • Year-Long Context: Integrating Standards and Developing Benchmark Assessments

  • Habits of Mind to Improve Student Performance + Assessment

  • Flipped Classroom: What it is and how to embrace the student mastery model

  • FIVE Types of Alignment for Units + How to Map Internally

  • Curriculum Mapping: Making Unit Maps and Using the Data

  • Brain Research for Teaching and Learning

  • Teacher Pedagogy Overview

  • Video Games in the Classroom

  • Gaming Plugged and Unplugged: How to Design the Gaming Classroom

  • Global Games for Change

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Dr. Marie Alcock is the founder of Tomorrow’s Education Network, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting the greater community with students in the classroom to improve student literacy. She is also president of Learning Systems Associates and serves as a national and international education consultant. Her work focuses on the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

The TEN List Library is a digital resource for educators and administrators. The membership site offers videos, protocols, hand-outs and presentations that support 21st century curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. Subscribe to gain access to these transformative teaching and learning tools.

Marie was invited to speak at WMHT's Games in Education Symposium where she shared a fresh perspective on why students drop out of school, and discussed the student voice and its vital force in the classroom. Listen to her interview here.

Presented by Marie Alcock, Introduction to Gaming for Learning is an innovative Learning Path that focuses on the idea of games and how we can use them to promote learning both in and out of the classroom.

With thought provoking proposals and strategies for change, Bold Moves for Schools sets educators on a path to redefining education and creating new learning environments. Authors Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Marie Hubley Alcock examine every aspect of K–12 schooling - teacher roles, curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as the physical and virtual learning spaces that engage 21st century teachers and students - and deliver a compelling vision for 21st century learning.

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